Johanex first built its headquarters building at Seogyo-dong in 1988, and purchased the current building in Yeongdeungpo in 1996.
In 2002, we established a logistics center in 2002 to facilitate the flow of product distribution.
We currently employ 8 designers, 7 sample room clerks, 12 sales department personnel,
and 250 salespeople active in 43 department stores and 35 stores nationwide in South Korea.
Johanex's capital amounts to KRW 16.2 billion, with KRW 1 billion in assets and KRW 40 billion in yearly sales.
All our products are produced in our factories and 30 other partnering factories and supporting companies.
Thanks to our sales practice that won the trust of our clients and partners,
we have been able to maintain a good partnership with major department stores such as Lotte, Shinsegae, and Hyundai.
We have won Model Taxpayer Award from the National Tax Service in 2003 thanks to our good conduct.









- AGE TARGET    25-30
- COVER AGE      25-40


- These women wish to express their internal feminin desire to be beautiful.
- While possessing sophisticated and urban taste and romantic senses,
    they vie for rational and functional lifestyles.

Fashion Tendencies

- Although they accept popular trends, they do not blindly apply them
   to themselves. they respect expression of individual characteristics.
- They possess free mind in expressing their senses,
   and strive to vividly express their characteristics.




Johanex's multifaceted coordination of traditional and sensible suit
with an unmatched softness and urban touch expands
further to generate a more sophisticated and chic beauty.


We express seasonal trends in a sophisticated and luxury atmosphere.